What books should I read in pregnancy?

It's time to cosy up with a cuppa, a book & your growing baby bump πŸŒ™

Knowing what books to read when preparing for pregnancy, birth and parenthood can be totally unknown territory. Googling frantically, seeing 5 star reviews, some shouting about one title, others another, it leaves us wondering where on earth do I start. 

Some of us want to read lots, others the bare minimum, some, aren't really keen on picking up the old school paperback at all πŸ“–

I'd encourage anyone considering birth preparation and hypnobirthing to grab two very easy reads, that will introduce the concepts of preparing for birth through science, information & Hypnobirthing tools to aim for a better experience as the end result 🌟

These two books are my solid recommendations to all clients, and I roll them out over and over again...

πŸ“– Hypnobirthing: Practical Ways to Make your Birth Better, By Siobhan Miller

πŸ“– A Positive Birth: The Dad's Guide to Hypnobirthing (and becoming a confident birth partner

One for you. One for your birth partner. πŸ‘©πŸ½β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨πŸ½

There are many more books. Some more complex. Many more science based. Lots about choices and also books about your rights. But for now, start simple and see how you go.

These books are a great introduction and a great way to understand what birth preparation class to choose in person with someone like me πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

I am a firm believer, not just because of what I do, but because I have practiced what I preach, that nothing beats an in person class. The books are amazing, to give you the background, so you know what you may be heading into learning, but they are not interactive, they are not tailored to your personal situation and they are, in my opinion, not a replacement for an in person option, but a great addition too 🫢🏼

So I will leave that with you as food for thought and for now, happy reading πŸ“–

I love nothing more than reading all about birth, these were two books I read very early on in my hypnobirthing career and I continue to recommend them now. Yes I have read more complex ones, some light hearted ones, and some shockers, but when you just need the simple, basics, to give you a good foundation to then go and expand with a face to face course, these are still my go to's time and time again. I really hope you find them useful too. 

Shelley xx