Common Questions asked about Hypnobirthing 

Hypnobirthing isn't about working or not working. It is about getting out what you put in. Taking a course will give you lots of knowledge and information for birth, which includes the history of hypnobirthing and how science really underpins all the theories, tools and techniques of hypnobirthing practice. When answering does it work? This will depend on what you take from it and what you put into place. However, you can be assured that you will learn so much, that you will put something or everything in place, meaning hypnobirthing has worked for you how you need it to. What is important to know is that you cannot fail at hypnobirthing - it is there to give you all you need for a positive birth, no matter what birth you have. 

I do not have the skill to Hypnotise you. I do however teach you how to be deeply relaxed, this is the only 'hypno' element of hypnobirthing. You are deeply relaxed at various times, every single day, when driving, watching tv, having sex, reading, the list goes on. Hypnobithing teaches you how to relax deeply and quickly. It is important to know that at no point, are you unable to come out of your deep relaxation, making it totally safe for you and your baby. 

Firstly, you cannot put a price on your mental health, Hypnobirthing reduces the lieklihood of birth trauma and aims for a positive birth, which I believe is well worth the investment.

Secondly, there are many opportunities available to you now that give you some basics around hypnobirthing, which in my opinion is great, however I will always stand by this not being the same as an interactive course with an instructor (either online or in person). The reason it is more beneficial to pay for a full course or workshop is because this can be tailored to you. You can ask questions, which you cannot do of a book or video. You can share experiences, fears and hopes, working through them with your hypnobirthing coach. You can practice together, learning your breath and how to deeply relax with an instructor, this will aid you in your practice you then do following your course. And, for support, when learning with me, you have me, a real life person, available to you at all times until your birth, here to chat through appointments, worries, concerns, questions - you have the personal experience, and that is why you should invest in Hypnobirthing Classes. 

I always say this is depending on the birthing family. The quick answer is 25 - 32 weeks is the sweet spot, generally. However, if you are particularly fearful, or have your own personal circumstances which would benefit from learning earlier, I would teach you any time, the sooner we get in front of your negative thoughts / fears and worries, the better. On the other hand, I am happy to teach those close to birth, as honestly, we can still learn alot and put a lot into practice at 37, 38, 39 weeks. 

100%. My classes are an antenatal education. Hypnobirthing Classes are a type of Birth Class. You will learn the science of birth (mind and body), Hypnobirthing (history and techniques), hormones for birth, breathing, positions for birth, pain relief, assisted birth & caesarean, bonding with baby, birthing the placenta, birth partner role and the 4th trimester (plus lots more) 

Yes, I teach hypnobirthing in Bournemouth, at Pure Wellness, BH8 8BX, which is just outside of Bournemouth. I will also teach in your home. 

Yes, I can come and teach in your home, if you would prefer a class away from home I am able to book a room at and teach Hypnobirthing at The Retreat, New Forest. 

Definitely. I am more than happy to travel to your home and teach you where you are most comfortable. This can be over a full day, two half days or 4 sessions over 3-4 weeks. 

You will get out of Hypnobirthing what you put into it. If you practice following the course, you will gain more when it comes to your birth. But if you don't, what you have learnt will come into play when you need it, just perhaps not to as much of an advantage as it would with practice. 

Practice involves a number of things, which you learn in the course. Ultimately it is about surrounding yourself with positive birth, practicing and exercising your breath, learning how to relax deeply and quickly and practicing that technique and gaining knowledge and information about all your choices for birth. 

Absoloutely. We all know that you birth most relaxed and calm when if your safe environment, which for many is at home. Hypnobirthing for most, is especially beneficial when going into hospital and when presented with times of challenge. 

You will create a birth plan which summarises all your choices and you will take this to hospital with you, alongside this, one key thing you will learn is how to create your optimal environment in hospital, packing everything you need to recreate this when you arrive to support you to be the most calm and comfortable you can in hospital. 

This is a great question to ask. If we were to look at disadvantages, it is probably that much of what you learn relys on what you do with it. If you walk away and never think about your course again, you may feel that your class wasn't as successful as you hope. It does work best when you put the most into what you have gained from the course. 

Another disadvantage is the name, it often puts people off joining and learning with me, when the reality is the 'hypno' part of hypnobirthing makes up a very small part of the overall course, probably not much more than 30mins of an 8 hour course. 

Lastly, I think it can be the comparison to antenatal classes, it can be presumed that antenatal classes give you all you need and that you are at a disadvantage if you do Hypnobirthing, this isn't true. You will learn all you need for pregnancy, birth and beyond in Hypnobirthing Classes, what I teach is an antenatal education.