Pregnancy & Baby Events are BACK!

In 2021 I had a few experiences with Pregnancy & Baby Events, but realised that there was 100% a need and 100% a lack of events available for pregnant people or parents of newborns and this is where the Pre and Postnatal Wellness event came from! 

A few weekends ago, Pure Wellness in Bournemouth open their doors for me, other local birth & parenting services and to local parents to offer a morning full of wellness, and it was DREAMY!

I have attended Pure Wellness personally since being pregnant, for massage and chiropractic treatment so they felt like the ideal partner for me when I started Hypnobirthing, having taught my Hypnobirthing Classes in their gorgeous studio, I knew that I wanted to ask Hannah if she would host my vision of a 'baby event' - and luckily she loved the idea! 

Hannah has been passionate about pre and postnatal health since I met her, she owns the wellness studio and since I started seeing her, she has herself had a little baby girl, whos birth journey I had the pleasure of being part of as I taught Hannah and her partner Hypnobirthing back in January. 

So, as you can imagine, Hannah and the Wellness Centre were perfect to host my first ever Pre and Postnatal Wellness Event. 

The event was intended to be a combination of services, talks and tasters for pregnant mums and mums of little ones up to the age of about 18 months. 

With tickets costing just £10 the event was affordable, informative and even full of a little luxury too. 

Ticket holders had the chance to book onto taster sessions where they could have their chiropractic health checked, relax with a massage, have bump / baby photos taken, try out a yoga class and end their morning with a relaxation session in the peaceful wellness studio. 

We welcomed talks from Bourne Green, baby wearing and cloth nappy specialists, Little Bear Woods, outdoor play session orgnanisers, Pure Wellness, talking through chiropractic care for mum and baby, Dr Hannah shared her home birth story and myself at The Empowering Birth School talking all about Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation. 

The day was so well attended, feedback on the day and after was better than we could have ever imagined. I cannot wait to do it all again for you all. 

The Pre and Postnatal Wellness Events will make a comeback in 2023 - January 28th, May 13th and September 9th - to reserve a ticket email [email protected] 

Special thanks to my fabulous co-hosts linked below: