Lily & Rob - The Birth of Sam (Oct 2022)

So, baby Sam was born at 13:53 by elective c section on 11th Oct at 42+2. 4.93kg and 54cm long with a 38cm head circumference. 

He'd measured 90th centile most of the pregnancy but this had jumped up to 97th on a scan at 40 weeks and suspected 4.2kg baby. The consultant offered IOL (induction of labour), expectant management or elective c section, and mentioned that scans can be off by as much as 10% so not to worry too much.

Because I was so keen on a natural water birth, I went with expectant management and he and I were both healthy the whole time. I had a sweep at 40+5 which didn't kick anything off but was starting to dilate. Had another check and sweep at 41+5 and had only dilated and effaced a tiny bit more with a few twinges but nothing that ever developed into proper cramps or contractions. Started having daily CTGs due to his size and my gestation and spoke to a different consultant at 41 + 6 who raised IOL/csec again.

I was getting insanely uncomfortable at this point to agreed to come in for the induction on Tues 11th as she was very sure that just the pessary or gel would get me going if I didn't go into full blown labour at the weekend. I was booked in for a few checks the day before at 42+1 if I was still pregnant. 

Over the weekend, I spoke to my mum/MIL/female family members and found that any of them that had had induction had suffered from hyperstimulation which resulted in distressed babies and emergency c secs. Rob and I and did some research and decided that an elective section would be better if I still hadn't gone into labour as I was getting very stressed by the induction idea at this point. I did have a little cry as I felt like there was "something wrong with me" for not having gone into labour yet and that I wasn't going to have a "proper" birth but the consultant was very supportive, informed us brilliantly of the pros and cons and spent ages talking us through everything. 

Came in at 7:30am on the 11th but got bumped back a few times due to emergencies and finally went in for the section at 1pm. The surgeon discussed my section plan with me and sorted my music etc whilst I was having the spinal. Had a few issues getting the epidural sited as I have a slight spinal curve but used all the hypnobirthing breathing and visualisation to stay calm whilst it was done. 

Sam was brought out to some Nora Jones at 13:53 and we had immediate skin to skin and optimal cord clamping. Unfortunately he had aspirated some meuconium (they assumed from the day before as there was some staining on the placenta) so had to go to the recusitair and NICU but I was kept informed the whole time and Rob was able to stay in with him. I expressed colostrum in recovery for him to have as a first feed and kept that up every couple of hours until we could be reunited at about 2am when I could get myself into a wheelchair and do some skin to skin. He latched and fed immediately which was great. We all went home on the Thursday morning as Sam and I had to have antibiotics.

Breastfeeding is all going great. He's a very happy, healthy baby and I'm recovering very quickly. Don't regret the c section at all, and he was only 0.3kg lighter than his estimated weight at 4.93kgs.