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  1. We made it all the way to 40 weeks!!! It was the night before my 40 week appointment and I felt a huge movement in the night that woke me and took my breathe away. I’d felt something similar with my first birth the night I’d had my ECV to turn the baby head down so immediately I thought the baby had flipped themselves breech! I told the midwife the next day and she check and checked and checked again and was sure the baby was in fact still head down! I was however measuring big so would be going for a growth scan… as I was so late on in the pregnancy she said it would be be an urgent scan and I was booked in for Friday- it was only Monday! I figured the baby would be here by then and it would be cancelled but… nope! Friday came and as soon as the sonographer put the scanner to my tummy she said ‘did you know your baby is breech!!’ 🤦🏻‍♀️ ‘oh and they can move around a lot as they are now transverse’ We were told we round need to wait and see a consultant as this could mean if I went into labour… Especially if my waters went first (which they had both other births!) there was a chance I could deliver the cord first.


    I knew what the consultant would say but I still broke down at the words.. he wanted to admit me now and perform a c-section tonight or tomorrow. I think my reaction took him by surprise and I pretty much immediately asked for an alternative! The baby had a predicted weight of 9lb 6oz my biggest by far if that were to be true! After lots of chats with other consultants he returned and said if I stayed in hospital until I delivered they could rescan me in the morning!. If baby is head down then they could induce labour with the possibility of breaking my waters to hold baby as low as possible. Sold! They even let me go home to collect my bags and fill in my two girls that their baby was on the way!